Thursday, 23 July 2015


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Clyde is our main default huntsman! Clyde's house has become an active structure in our Frontier!

His house will become accessible to players once they have completed a quest called "Expanding Production", if you have not yet completed it, you will receive a message 

If you are unsure if you have completed this goal or not, there is a way you can check: 
In order to access Clyde's House, you need to have completed a quest called "Expanding Production". At the top left corner of your screen will be a notebook full of quests. Click on the right arrow and flip to the very beginning and look at the Awakening series, enter that series and flip through those goals...about halfway (10 clicks) is a quest called "Expanding Production"

Click on Clyde's house to enter the inside of his dwelling.

There are 4 pieces of furniture which can be 'replaced'. You can purchase furniture from Shop, or you can make furniture in Furniture Workshop

Players will receive tasks to make furniture and replace furniture that is inside Clyde's House